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Finding the Best Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon

Who is an oncologist? 

A doctor that specialises in the treatment of cancer is referred to as an oncologist. Such doctors are trained to diagnose and treat cancer. Generally working within a multidisciplinary team, oncologists extend support to cancer patients beginning from diagnosis, during treatment and into survivorship. Beyond clinical care, oncologists contribute to cancer research, clinical teachings, ethics and health education. An expert oncologist is present at Six Sigma Clinics for consultation as well.  

An oncologist’s roles and responsibilities include:  

  • Diagnosis: explaining the type of cancer and its stage to the patient  
  • Order Tests: for proper identification and treatment suggestion  
  • Suggest and Oversee treatment: make the patient aware about the available treatment plans, suggest and draw up a treatment plan, and oversee its execution  
  • Assist: provide compassionate care to keep the patient at ease, assist the patient in dealing with the symptoms and side effects, and answer any questions, doubts and queries 
  • Follow-up: create and implement a follow-up plan even after the treatment is completed 

Types of Oncologists  

Most cancers are treated through a combination of therapies. Due to this, there is a chance that a cancer patient may interact with a range of medical specialists and several different types of oncologists, some of which include: 

Medical oncologists: These doctors specialise in treating solid tumours and utilise immunotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapies, hormone therapy and other targeted treatments 

Radiation oncologists: These oncologists specialise in treatment that mainly revolves around the delivery of external and internal radiation therapy 

Surgical oncologists: Such doctors are surgeons who are experts in biopsies and tumour removal through surgery  

Paediatric oncologists: As the name suggests, these are oncologists that primarily diagnose and treat cancer in children  

Gynaecologic oncologists: Primarily trained as gynaecologists, these oncologists specialise further in cancers relating to the female reproductive system  

Urologic oncologist: Similar to the previous, these oncologists specialise in cancers relating to the male reproductive organs, and the urinary tract  

Haematologist oncologist: These doctors specialise in cancers afflicting the bone marrow or blood, including lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma 

Neuro-oncologist: They specialise in treatments of cancers relating to the spine, brain and peripheral nerves


Q. Is cancer a genetic disease? 

A. The most prevalent genetic disease in humans is cancer. This is because cancer develops when genes that regulate how our cells behave mutate or undergo other changes, leading to abnormal cell behaviour. These mutations are hereditary, since they are in between 5-10% of all cancer cases. 

Q. How does chemotherapy work? 

A. Chemotherapy medications are potent chemicals that kill cancerous cells at particular times of the cell cycle. The cell cycle is the process through which new cells are created in all living things. Chemotherapy has a greater impact on these rapidly proliferating cells because cancer cells go through this phase more quickly than normal cells. 

Q. When should I get tested for cancer? 

A. Cancer can impact different body tissues and result in a variety of signs and symptoms, including exhaustion, skin changes, weight loss, and a persistent cough. Anyone who has symptoms that are bothersome or persistent should see a doctor. 

Q. Can cancer appear again after completing treatment? 

A. After the initial treatment, the cancer may return. There are numerous reasons why cancer may return. It's possible that some cancer cells travelled to other parts of the body and began to grow into tumours there or that the initial treatment didn't completely eradicate all the cancer cells. 

If you're curious about oncology and want to learn more, then look no further than this comprehensive Wikipedia article!

How to find the best oncologist in Gurgaon  

If someone is showing signs of having cancer, referring to and finding the right oncologist is of upmost importance. Cancer treatment requires compassion and communication, along with expertise, and it is advisable to find a doctor that makes you feel heard. If you are in search for the best oncologist in Gurgaon, you can consult with the specialists available at Six Sigma Clinics, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon.

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