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Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Selecting a plastic surgeon is a crucial decision as the procedures can have a significant impact on your physical appearance and overall well-being. As with any other surgery, cosmetic procedures are serious matters that stay with you throughout your life, and thus choosing the right plastic surgeon for you is of vital importance. While we are confident that you will find the best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon at Six Sigma Clinics, through this blog, we hope to help you make an informed decision. 

Who is a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeons are medical practitioners who work on repairing injuries or defects that affect appearance or function of body parts. Utilising cosmetic and reconstructive techniques, they restore deformed areas for improved function and enhance physical features for aesthetic reasons.

How to choose the right plastic surgeon

Considering how life-altering plastic surgery can be, there some things to keep in mind while looking for the ideal plastic surgeon for you:

Recommendations and Referrals:

Create a referral list of plastic surgeons based on recommendations from other physicians, family members or friends. Ensure you ask those who may be knowledgable about this. You can also refer to a search engine for this. However, this is the just the start as you need to now carry out extensive research on each surgeon.

Look into the surgeon’s credentials:

The next step is to research and verify the plastic surgeon’s educational credentials and certifications. Ensuring that the surgeon is adequately trained to perform your procedure is incredibly important. 

Consider specialisations:

While many plastic surgeons are capable of doing a variety of procedures, it is recommended to approach those who have received specialised training in the surgery you are interested in. Narrow down on a surgeon by first looking into the different types of specialisations. Next, identify the one that covers the procedure you are interested in.

Past Experience:

Additional to credentials and specialisations, it is also important to enquire whether the surgeon has performed a specific procedure before. This will let you know whether or not your surgeon has substantial previous experience, and whether the end results match watch you are in search for.

Style and Approach:

Plastic surgery, cosmetic in particular, requires a certain level of artistry. It is thus important to check whether the surgeon’s aesthetic sense appeals to you. To determine this, you can look at before and after photographs of their patients, playing close attention to those who have similar features to you.

Communication style:

Besides external research, it is important to meet the surgeon as well. For starters, prepare a list of questions to ask. This helps you check how your surgeon communicates with you and whether he is patient and responsive to you. It is important you have a surgeon you can effectively communicate with and are comfortable with. This ensures they completely understand what you are looking for, and work accordingly.

Patient Reviews:

During the first consultation, it is advisable to ask if you can contact some of their previous patients to get a sense of their services. There are also ways to learn about their patient experiences online. You can do this through third-party review sites or their own social media profiles. This helps you know what you are in store for in terms of the treatment and aftercare.

Operating Facility:

Where the surgeon will be performing the procedure, whether it is a hospital or a personal operating facility, is important to look into as well. Check if the location adheres to all the necessary guidelines and is sanitary, clean and well-equipped. The quality of care, availability of tests and location are all important aspects to consider while making a choice.

Payment and Pricing options:

Surgery can be an expensive procedure and you thus need to know whether you have the budget for it. Check your insurance cover, in case you have one, and discuss with your surgeon regarding the price range before making the final decision.

The best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon

If you have decided on a plastic surgery procedure you want to get and are searching for plastic surgeons in Gurgaon, you can book a consultation with the in-house plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Six Sigma Clinics in Nirvana Country, Gurgaon. Adhering to high-quality standards, Six Sigma Clinics has only the finest specialists affiliated with renowned hospitals in Gurgaon, assuring the best service available.

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