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About Us

Our Mission:
Six Sigma Clinics, is the first polyclinic in Nirvana country which aims to provide high-quality multi-specialty care. We take our name seriously and hope to maintain high quality standards in our practice and clinic.
Six Sigma Clinics has onboarded some of the finest specialists from prominent hospitals in Gurgaon, as to bring them close to your home, and provide you with correct advice and treatment in a safe comfortable environment

In the post-Covid era, most of us want to avoid going to hospitals unless absolutely necessary. It is more comfortable to consult doctors in clinics and avoid crowded places.
Six Sigma Clinics is conceptualised to provide a space for both patients and doctors to consult and provide high-quality care in safe & comfortable surroundings.
Being owned and run by doctors, we also have deep insight into problems and fears faced by doctors. We believe that Six Sigma Clinics should be a place where you can practice your art without worrying about administrative hassles and should also not feel exploited at the same time.
We offer both physical and online consults with our specialists. Six Sigma Clinics have also tied up with leading labs to provide blood tests and X-rays at your home. We aim to keep adding more consultants over time to expand the horizon of our services.


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